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ECMG provides end-to-end information systems consulting and management consulting, from up front business strategic planning and analysis through systems design, implementation and support of advanced networks and software applications.

Firewall Design and Consulting
A firewall is an essential and neglected component of many network architectures. No out of the box solution is right for everybody, which is why we help you determine your security needs and implement the right firewall solution for your company. (more details)

Network Design and Consulting
ECMG offers consulting services to help you design your network. Our consultants have many years of experience in designing LAN/WAN/WLAN networks. A critical factor to successful network implementation is a comprehensive technology plan, with clear objectives of how that technology will improve productivity. ECMG provides customized consulting services to identify the specific needs of your business technology plans. (more details)

Web Application Stress Test Analysis
ECMG offers website quality assurance and stress testing services. Do you need to know how much traffic your website can handle before exhausting your backend web or database server(s) resources? Curious to know how many con-current customers your Internet connection can handle? We can tell you. We are committed to raising the bar on web application quality and integrity. ECMG proudly passes our expertise to your web application, designing your solution for success. Our service includes a complete product walk through, human-computer interaction studies, cross browser and platform client testing, website load stress testing, and transactional cost analysis. These series of tests will uncover any potential problems or errors dormant within the application, as well as highlight critical or potential performance bottlenecks under simulated production conditions.

This level of quality assurance is a highly recommended precursor to the launch of any Internet application. If your solution was developed elsewhere, get the piece of mind that comes with the knowledge that users will encounter error-free and friendly web pages. If any errors or potential hazards are found, ECMG can make suggestions for repair and can also be hired to perform these changes to the application.

Microsoft Windows  / Active Directory Design
ECMG can provide a wide range of support for almost all Microsoft based products and applications. Our experience with MS Server, Exchange, IIS, WinX client, Microsoft networking products and office applications positions us to be a focal point for those needing assistance with this highly popular range of products. Look to ECMG for setup and configuration of your network, application development and customized training requirements.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Virtual private networks have become a standard tool for the network manager. VPN's are now accepted as a way to increase security in an insecure world, and to leverage the remarkable cost-effectiveness of the public Internet as a site-to-site, Extranet, and remote access network. VPN design and deployment is an emerging industry practice. While the basic security principles are well known, it is not always clear how to integrate security products such as VPNs into existing network infrastructures. ECMG's network engineers are well versed in VPN design and will develop a secure solution that achieves your companies goals.

Network Assessment and Optimization
ECMG's security engineers will leverage their deep expertise and a wide range of assessment tools to analyze network operations and provide recommendations for improving performance and mitigating risk.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuance
Our experienced controls team will work with your team to develop a disaster recovery plan to help prevent costly disruptions to a network and to normalize operations as quickly as possible in the event of a system failure.

IP Address and Design Implementation and Management
ECMG's network engineers will develop an IP address schema for your business that will provide sustained growth and efficient use of IP addresses. Our team will provide a set of proven policies, procedures, guidelines, and tools for managing public and private address space for midsize and large enterprises.

Application Network Review
ECMG's network engineers will perform in-depth analysis to help ensure application production readiness, verifies bandwidth requirements, and identifies application bottlenecks.

Directory Services Infrastructure
Our team will help you design and implement a directory services infrastructure that delivers a high level of accuracy and security, and minimizes administrative tasks and costs.

DNS Infrastructure Architecture and Design
ECMG's network engineers will design a robust Domain Name System (DNS) architecture for your company to support Internet and intranet name resolution.

Capacity Planning and Optimization
Our team will establish a baseline for an existing enterprise's infrastructure and performs a gap analysis to pinpoint differences between the current infrastructure and identified requirements for projected growth.

Traffic Engineering and Quality of Service
ECMG's network engineers will analyze and optimize your companies network traffic based network capacity and priorities for various types of network traffic.


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