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ECMG managed services allow your enterprise to outsource all or part of its security or infrastructure management solution while maintaining full control of security policies and decisions.

Shared Website and Application Hosting
Host your web based applications in our state-of-the-art data center.  We feature switched, T3 connectivity to the Internet, cutting-edge firewall technology and Dell PowerEdge servers. Our data center is secure and climate controlled. We also offer competitive co-location services for those who already have purchased severs and are looking for a reliable hosting facility.

Firewall Management
Running a firewall effectively is rarely easy. Setting and maintaining the rules, interpreting and reacting appropriately to the logs, keeping software up-to-date - all these tasks require time and skills that are often in short supply. If you cannot deliver, your network security is in danger. ECMG's Managed Firewall Service provides your company with outside security experts to remotely manage your firewalls and watch your network perimeter 24x7 as well as ongoing advice and guidance on security related issues. This ensures protection of your business-critical data while reducing the burden on your in-house network support team. Our security engineers will manage your firewall remotely with a response to all change requests guaranteed within one working day.

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol / Post Office Protocol 3 (SMTP/POP3)
If you are looking for an alternative to collecting your mail from your ISP but would prefer to avoid the complexities of running your own Internet mail server, a managed email service can be an attractive option. ECMG will provide a mail server, installed on your network, to send and receive your mail and will manage the server remotely over the Internet using real time secure encryption. Additional services include mail aliasing, mail blocking to reduce spamming and security log maintenance.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)
VPNs provide a cost effective way for companies to communicate securely with their branch offices and remote or mobile users using the Internet instead of dedicated leased lines. However, the installation and management of VPNs is not always as easy as suppliers might have you think. With ECMG's managed VPN service you don't need to worry about the potential complexities of implementing and running your VPN. We will discuss your needs, configure and install all necessary equipment and manage your VPN solution remotely once installed.

As with our managed firewall service, we guarantee a response to all change requests within one working day and full monitoring, exception and monthly reporting, software updates and ongoing advice are standard features of our service.

Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
IDS is often complicated and confusing to setup and understand for the average desktop user. Let our network engineers take the burden off your IT staff designing and implementing the proper IDS solution for your company's needs. A properly configured IDS will monitor your company's network traffic 24x7 and alerts you to potential attacks based on the specifics of your unique network environment.

Domain Name System (DNS)
Our network engineers have considerable experience in DNS administration and can deliver the benefits of DNS to you cost effectively through our managed DNS service. We will supply DNS servers, either housed and managed by ECMG or installed at your premises and managed remotely. We guarantee to respond to all change requests within one working day of receipt and, as you would expect, we operate a strict security policy to ensure that changes are actioned only when requested by an authorised individual. At installation we will carry out all data conversion, management and loading to the server to establish the DNS. For maximum security your DNS software will be maintained at the latest stable version and off-site backups of your data will be maintained at all times.

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) allows PCs on a network to obtain their IP addresses automatically from a DHCP server rather than requiring the IP address to be set manually for each PC. Aside from the obvious administrative advantage conferred, DHCP offers other benefits such as the conservation of IP addresses.

However, managing your DHCP server well requires time and expertise and a managed service may well provide a better solution. As an ECMG managed DHCP service subscriber you will be provided with a server to place on your network. This server will perform all the necessary functions of DHCP and will be configured, installed and managed by ECMG. ECMG's management includes the addition of networks to the server, adding or amending configuration details, providing monthly reports and maintaining software versions. ECMG guarantees to respond to all change requests within one working day.


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