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Your network is your business. Protecting it has never been more important, and with attackers running rampant, computer security is a constant battle. ECMG, is your ally on every front.  Our experienced team delivers business-focused security consulting and education solutions. Our Managed Services provide the ongoing protection demanded in today’s environment.

Security Assessment
ECMG's security consultants will give you a fundamental understanding of your current state of e-security, an assessment of your current and future needs, an accurate risk assessment and a realistic map to help you achieve your business objectives. Concentrating on application security and the interoperability issues that drive it, we evaluate your unique project with a top-down focus, a proven approach that secures digital assets at all organizational levels - from policy to operations.

Penetration Testing
ECMG's Penetration Testing Service can help your organization uncover weaknesses in your external information security defenses. When our testing is complete, our information security professionals can help you reconfigure your perimeter’s defenses to overcome any vulnerability.

  • Social Engineering Assessment – ECMG engineers attempt to gain physical access to designated targets using public information and other information gained from individuals inside and outside your organization.

  • Blind Penetration Test –Using all available means, our Penetration Team attempts to compromise a site without inflicting real damage. Our final report shows you screen captures and timelines from reconnaissance to attack completion.

  • Targeted Penetration Test – Using open source hacking tools and information that would be available to an insider, our engineers will ethically probe your systems from the Internet or onsite at your location. This service tests the hardiness of specific targets to determine their ability to withstand expert attack.

  • Internet & Public Information Reconnaissance – Using data collection bots, our engineers canvas open source information to document your company’s “footprint.” We then provide you with recommendations on how to better protect your information.

Intrusion Detection
IDS is often complicated and confusing to setup and understand for the average desktop user. Let our network engineers take the burden off your IT staff designing and implementing the proper IDS solution for your company's needs. A properly configured IDS will monitor your company's network traffic 24x7 and alerts you to potential attacks based on the specifics of your unique network environment.

Virus and Malicious Code Protection
Our security engineers will install and configure sophisticated protection mechanisms so that viruses and malicious code—which can be disguised as benign data such as e-mail—cannot penetrate your network.

Incident Response
ECMG will work closely with your security team during a security-related event to provide an immediate analysis and a prompt, measured response.

Incident Response Policy
Our security consultants will help your enterprise rapidly recover lost or damaged data in the event of internal or external sabotage, or resource or information misuse.

Process Improvement
Our team will work side-by-side with your IT senior management to create a customized response procedure to contain, remedy, or halt any security or performance infringement. We will also analyze current operations and if necessary train your staff to deal with any computer-related crisis.


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