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1) How do I setup and download my email to my computer?
To download email to your computer you need to use a program like Outlook Express, Eudora or Outlook. Once we have provided you with your username and password you need to use "mail.ecmg.net" for both your POP3 and SMTP server settings in your email setup program. You also need to check off the box that says "My server requires outgoing authentication" or you will not be allowed to send mail thru our corporate SMTP gateway.

2) How do I access web mail?
Open up Internet Explorer and type http://webmail.ecmg.net in the address space. Enter your username, password, and ECMG as the domain. If your browser does not show you a third box for the domain, change your username to username@ecmg.net.

3) I can receive mail but cannot seem to send mail...what's going on?
In order to eliminate the ability for people to send unauthorized mail thru our corporate SMTP gateway all users must have a valid account on our email system and be authorized in advance before their email will be accepted and forwarded to outside domains. This requires that your email client be configured in such a way that it sends your ECMG email account's username and password automatically every time you try and access our corporate SMTP gateway to send outgoing mail. MOST email clients have a setting you can easily check off under the "server settings" in your email account's "properties" section called "My outgoing server requires authentication". You will need to make sure this box is checked.

4) How do I make changes to my DNS zone file?
To make changes to your DNS zone file hosted by ECMG, please send an email with your changes to support@ecmg.net

5) How often are my website's statistics updated?
Website statistics are updated daily starting at midnight. If you do not have website statistics and you would like to have this option added to your monthly hosting account, please send an email to support@ecmg.net

6) Can I have more than one email address point to the same account?
YES. We can create what is called an aliases email address and point it to your existing email account hosted by ECMG. To request an aliases email address to be added to your current email account send an email to support@ecmg.net

7) How do I go about transferring my website, DNS and email from my current hosting company to ECMG? 
Transferring is simple and easy. Please send an email to sales@ecmg.net with your name, company, phone number, website URL and amount of email boxes you will need and someone from our sales team will call you back to arrange all the details and go over pricing.

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